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Woolsthorpe (Yr 4)


Welcome back to Spring Term 4 where the Woolsthorpe Wonders will be taught by Mrs Hicks this year and supported by Mrs Jardine throughout the week. Mrs Szyszka and Mrs Chapman will also be teaching Design & Technology and French, and Music each week.

In Woolsthorpe we will continue to be 'wondering' and growing our brains with all the wonderful new learning there will continue to be in the second half of Year 4. Our theme this Spring Term is ‘London' where we focus on Geography. The children will learn that London is one of the oldest developed regions in the world; it is surrounded by a green belt of land which is protected from development, which means London cannot spread out any further; that the river Thames runs through the middle of the city where famous bridges cross the river; that there are famous landmarks and a well-designed transport system. The children will also learn how London has changed over time in terms of population and land use. You can find out more about what Woolsthorpe will be learning about from the Theme Web posted below.

Once again, I will be posting Knowledge Organisers on Dojo which outline the key knowledge/facts that children should know for different subject areas. It's always really helpful when children have had opportunities to discuss these at home with parents/carers as well as in class as it really helps them to verbalise their learning. Thank you for taking the time to do this. 

Class Dojo will continue to be used to keep you up to date with all of your child's learning as well as sharing important messages and reminders with you.  

 I'm really looking forward to continuing working with you to further develop your child's wonderment of learning and the exciting opportunities this will lead to!  Please email me if you need to discuss anything:

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