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Tolethorpe (Yr 5)


Tolethorpe Class (Year 5) is taught by Miss Kime and supported by Mrs Evans from Monday to Thursday.

Welcome to our first term, where we will become Greek Gods/Goddesses. We will become immersed in all things Greek within our topic Argonauts, Monsters and Minotaurs!

As Historians we will study life in ancient Greece and their achievements and influence on the western world. We will find out who the Ancient Greeks were and will place important events in Ancient Greece on a time line in chronological order. We will investigate what is was like to live daily life as an ancient Greek citizen using primary and secondary sources. We will learn about the origins of democracy and find out about the city states in ancient Greece - exploring the similarities and differences between Athens and Sparta. We will explore the Trojan War and the key characters and events of this epic saga. We will find out about Ancient Greek Gods and discover more about the religious beliefs of the Greeks. We will look in to Greek theatre and plays. We will explore the origins of the Olympics and marathon running and how these and other ideas have an impact on our lives today.

As Geographers we will be using atlases, globes and maps of different scales to locate Greece and identify its surrounding countries. We will label and describe the important features of the country. We will also be using maps and globes to locate other countries and continents. We will find out how compass points, grid references and online maps such as Google Earth.

As Scientists we will look at the properties of and changes to materials. We will research what Aristotle believed about science and the key ideas he discovered in ancient Greece. We will ask if cats are liquid? And learn the key differences between liquids, gases and solids. We will investigate what happens to solids when they dissolve

In PE this term, we will be competing with ourselves within circuit training to continue developing our fitness levels and enhancing our co-ordination, accuracy and aim during a Greek style game of dodgeball. As a reminder, our PE Days are on a Tuesday and Wednesday although we do ask that the children have their PE kit in school every day in the event of any changes.  

All things ART! We will look at examples of Greek pottery looking at colour, style and design and then we will create our own Greek pot. using papier mache. We will explore comedy and tragedy masks and create our own versions. We will look at the work of Greek sculptures and create our own of ancient Greek Gods using clay. As musicians we will be listening to a range of Greek music and appreciating its style and content, and using this music to learn and create a dance routine within the style of the Greeks!

As always, there will be lots of exciting enrichment opportunities this term for your child and we greatly appreciate your help and support. If you have any special skill you would like to share (particularly linked with our term's topic, or would just like to come in and give a helping hand you are always welcome! Let us know!

Parents can keep up to date with what is going on via our Class Dojo page - if you don't have a login please let Miss Kime know and we'll have you up-and-running in no time at all. 

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