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Tolethorpe (YR 5)

Welcome to Spring Term in Tolethorpe Class 2021-22

I'm a year 5 get me out of 'heeeeeereeee'! 

This term is just as exciting as the last as year 5 get fully emerged within the AMAZON RAINFOREST and all things JUNGLES! We get to learn what it is like within Tropical rainforests compared to those we have around us. Learn all about their locations, uses and the horrible treats they are facing. We will even write to David Attenborough to inform him of our learning and our shared understanding of our planet - reading his book Our Planet - which goes along with his wondrous Netflix show. 

As readers, we will be using fiction and non-fiction texts to research  information  to  extend our learning about life within the rainforest - both animals and humans. We will enjoy getting to start our Whole Class Reader - The Explorer by Katherine Rundell. 

As writers, we will be writing a book review of Wonder, which has been our DEAR (drop everything and read) text from the Autumn Term. We will also use this book to create a narrative story - using a character similar to that of Auggie from the book. We will then go onto create a persuasive letter to both David Attenborough and the Government to show our understanding of Deforestation and Climate Change - and the devastating effects it is having on our Planet. As communicators, we will perform poems. We will speak clearly and confidently to present our learning to different children in the school. 

As mathematicians, we will be following the national curriculum for year 5. We will be revisiting and consolidating both mental and formal multiplication and division, using increasingly large numbers. We will also be working with fractions, finding equivalent fractions using concrete resources, working on being able to order and compare fractions, as well converting fractions from improper to mixed number and back. Once we have mastered the basics of fractions, we will move onto adding, subtracting fractions too. 

As scientists, we will learn to describe the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird. They will also learn about different types of reproduction, including sexual and asexual reproduction in plants, and sexual reproduction in animals. We will be observing and comparing the life cycles of plants and animals in their local environment with other plants and animals around the world (in the rainforest, in the oceans, in desert areas and in prehistoric times)

We will be using ipads to develop our awareness of Internet safety and ways of utilising search engines.

Throughout our physical education sessions, we will develop our skill of playing Boccia - learning and developing our own tactics. We will develop our skill of playing to the rules of dodgeball and tag-rugby, really developing our skills of playing as part of a competitive team. 

As Geographers, we will learn about all things Rainforests and the Amazon. We will learn all about the layers of the rainforest, looking at the climate of a rainforest. We will locate the world's tropical rainforests on a map, knowing that they are mostly located near the equator. We will also look into the work of David Attenborough and what we have learnt about the rainforests from his work.

As Artists, we will be focussing on Painting and Collage. We will continue to develop our ability to use a paintbrush using a variety of techniques and methods and develop our knowledge of the colour wheel, to create new tones. We will develop our knowledge on two artists (Van Gogh & Henri Rousseau), using their artwork as inspiration for our own, creating a piece of artwork inspired by Van Gogh’s Sunflower and a piece inspired by Henri's Jungle Landscapes. 

 I will continue to keep you up to date with our learning developments and give general messages and reminders out on Class Dojo.  'Knowledge Organisers' which are available for key subjects continue to be available on Class Dojo.  These contain some key facts regarding our term's learning; it is important for children to know these - these can be used for homework as well as within class. I will make sure any homework is set on Seesaw on a Friday and due back the following Friday. 

I continue to value working in partnership with you, so please do keep in touch. If you have any problems at all, please contact me via Class Dojo or by email:

Mrs Grant, Tolethorpe Class Teacher 

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