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Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTA)

In March 2021, we embarked upon the Modeshift STARS Accreditation  scheme and our House Captains at that time, decided to take on the role of Junior Travel Ambassadors. Their initial work was focussed around the promotion of the 'Big Pedal' - with our school eventually taking the top #1 spot in Rutland, #4 in the East Midlands and #41 nationally. JTAs continue to promote active travel as well as the promotion of the 5-minute walking bubble around the school - we thank our parents & carers for supporting this.

In the final part of the summer term, the JTA's embarked on a particular mission to improve local road safety around the school with a focus in 3 areas: 

  1. Lowering the speed limit near to the school to 20 miles per hour instead of 30 miles per hour.  This will help keep you alive if you are hit by a car.

  2. A zebra crossing between the top of our school lane and the village hall to make it safer for everyone to cross the road.

  3. Signs before the bends to tell motorists that there are children crossing ahead.

Their plan was set out and implemented as follows:

Over the course of the 2nd half of the year, the group have led this whole school initiative which led to a submission for the initial Green Modeshift STARS award, quickly followed by submission for Bronze - successfully awarded in September 2021.  

We are pleased to inform you that at Ryhall CE Academy, we are continuing with the award and are actively involved in achieving the Modeshift Stars Gold award. This award covers a variety of areas such as improving the journey to school, road safety and awareness for all children, bicycle courses and lots more. It is a great opportunity for the school to support the children in developing essential life skills.

One of our main targets here at Ryhall CE Academy is to get more of our children travelling to school using their bikes or scooters and wearing helmets. Don’t forget we have safe places to park your bikes and scooters so why not travel to school on them today?!

More information on Modeshift Stars can be found here.


Sustrans Big Walk & Wheel– 21/03 - 01/04 - Find out more information here:

Year 2 - 'Walkwise’ – learning how to stay safe when walking in their local environment

Beep Beep! Day - 11/05

Using resources from the Brake Charity to teach EYFS and KS1 children road safety basics

Walk to School Week– 16/05 - 20/05  - Find out more information here:

Year 3 ‘Scooter Training’

Clean Air Day- 16/06 - Find out more information here:

Education at home

If you would like to do more with your child at home to learn and promote road safety then do take the time to have a look at the following resources - all designed for children. - On this dedicated road safety website for children, there are 'make and do' activities, films and games, a section for grown-ups, stories and even ways of joining in to support this great charitable organisation. 

Or you could take a look at the two attached resources below: 'Tales of the Road' and 'Highway Code Road Traffic Signs' - both of which are used by Year 5 & 6 as part of their curriculum learning in PSHE.  

Parents Responsibility

We do ask that our parents support our important work - we don't just do our work for the recognition, we do it for the good of all our community and that includes our local community and our future generations.  So, we ask all parents to agree to two things: 

  • A pledge to a '5-minute walking bubble' around the school (see the pledge in the attachments below - 'Stay Safe, Get Active' parents letter)

  • Responsible parking - please show care and consideration to our local residents by giving yourself time to park further away, not in front of anyone's driveway and dressing for the weather (please see our Parking Guidance below).  Remember that the emergency services may need access and a 5-minute delay could make all the difference.

These two above key items can be found in our school's Travel Policy below. Please take the time to read this.

Thank you for taking the time to read our information

Kailum, Lizzie, Rose, Sophia

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