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Hambleton (Year 6)

Welcome to Hambleton Class

Welcome back to a thoroughly fun packed Spring Term in Year 6. We have SO many wonderful things planned for the coming months and we cannot wait to get started.

This year, Year 6 or 'Hambleton Heroes' as we would like to be known, are lucky enough to have two teachers. They will be taught at the beginning of the week by Mrs Jesson and then Mrs Thomas will take over and complete the learning for the week. Both teachers get time together on a Wednesday to discuss the children, the learning and other important Hambleton things.  We will also have the support of Mrs Evans at various times throughout the week and Mrs Chapman and Miss Cummings will be covering Music and Art. 

Our theme for the next two terms will be JOURNEYS.  We will be embarking on an exciting journey together as we are preparing your children for their transition to secondary school at the end of this academic year. In Geography, our learning will look at the journey of a river. We will learn language linked to Rivers and how even take part in a geographical study of our local river in Ryhall. During term 4, our learning journey will look at the Mayans and their life during their period of history.  Parents will be invited to visit our Mayan Museum so that we can share and showcase our learning.

As readers and writers, we will be studying how authors entertain and inform their readers.  We will be reading a variety of short stories and also watching a video clip of a story before we re-tell and then write our own versions.  We will be studying how the authors of the short stories use imagery to build a picture in the readers’ mind.  As part of this, we will look at speech, punctuation and sentence structure before trying to include ambitious grammar in our own writing.  After this, we will move onto informing our readers through the use of biographies and newspaper reports.   Our class text is ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’.  We will be reading this together, a chapter at a time, and learning to answer a range of questions to show that we can comprehend what we have read.

As mathematicians we will be developing our decimals, fractions and percentage knowledge and begin to look at algebra and using formulae. In term 4, we will be looking at shape particularly finding the area and volume of shapes and we will also investigate ratio and proportion. Reasoning and problem solving skills will continue to be developed during all our learning in Hambleton.

In Science, the children will find out about inheritance and evolution. We will look at inherited features and then how adaptation changes species. We will investigate theories of evolution. During term 4, we will be studying living things and their habitats. We will look at classification and how plants an d animals are classified due to their characteristics. We will also investigate microorganisms and if they are helpful or harmful. The children will have the opportunity to plan a fair test and explore their own investigations.

In RE we will focus on creation covering learning and try to answer the question; Creation and Science – conflict or complementary? We will look at Genesis and Christian beliefs about how the world was created and then compare to scientific theories of how the world began. There will be lots of discussion, questioning and debate.

Finally, a quick reminder that PE is on a Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. The children will be outside, weather permitting. Tracksuits are a good idea as the weather becomes colder and more wintery – one minute beautiful blue sunny skies the next freezing wind!

There will be lots of other exciting learning opportunities this term for your children and as always we greatly appreciate your help and support. If you have any special skill you would like to share or would just like to come in and give a helping hand you are always welcome.


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