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Eco Warriors 2015-16

The children, staff and governors of the school are committed to developing Ryhall CE Academy as an Eco-School.  Eco-Warriors in  the school have taken on the responsibility of ensuring that we do all we can to protect our environment.  

2015-16 was a particularly fantastic year for the team; not only because of the amount of work undertaken but also because of the recognition of their hard work through some highly sought after awards.  Whilst working towards (and achieving) the Eco-Schools Bronze Award the team also won the following:

1. Total Green School Award - Special Award for the 'Recycled Christmas' project; prize of £250. The Special Award was a new status created by the judging panel to reward excellent work. 

2. Total Green School Award - Highly Commended  joint awards for 'Compost, Compost, Compost' and 'Totally Active' projects for schools in the North of England in the Totally Active category; prize of £250.

3. Overall winners of the 'Rutland Green Cup' competition which is open to all Rutland primary schools.  Our prize will be presented in September 2016. 

Some of the projects undertaken by the Eco-Warriors have been:

  • the creation of bug hotels; one in the wildlife garden and one for the children to examine and explore daily in EYFS

  • designing and planting a dinosaur garden in the EYFS environment;

  • growing of vegetables to be sold at the school market;

  • managing the raised beds;

  • making bird feeders for the winter birds;

  • tidying up the local community as part of the national 'Clean for the Queen' campaign (see photos below);

  • maintaing the 'wildlife garden' (with a lot of help from our green parents).

In Summer 2015, the Eco-Warriors entered the Rutland Green Cup Competition and were awarded runners-up, earning themselves (and the school), a very well-deserved cash prize. This helped them to purchase a fantastic new composphere for all members of the school to enjoy; it certainly takes some strength to push it around daily.  

The Eco-Warriors mission is to make 'green' issues everyone's issues.  The whole school benefits from the work of the group as shown here: 



Work isn't just limited to the school grounds.  Eco-Warriors like to get themselves busy in the local community whenever and wherever possible.  Here they are tidying up the village in this year's 'Clean for the Queen'.  If you have a community project you would like the children to get involved in, get in touch.

                    The Eco-Warriors work to an annual plan to ensure that we keep 'green' issues as a priority.  

They are always looking for help and over the next few weeks we'll be asking you to get involved by helping with our tidy up of the wildlife garden.  There's always some heavier work that we need a few adults for.  

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