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Tolethorpe (Yr 5)


This term, Tolethorpe Class is entering unknown territory as they find their way through the Rainforests of the World.  As explorers we will be joining Sir David Attenborough, the British Broadcaster and Naturalist to explore life, nature, climate, location and animals' adaptations to the worlds greatest jungles.

As intrepid writers our writing will be inspired by our adventures in the rainforest. We will write a short story based around our own experiences as we visit the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens Rainforest, as well as focusing on script writing as we interview Sir David.  We will develop our persuasive writing skills as we prepare adverts for our new bug hotels in the popular 'Bug Estates Monthly' as well as preparing our own presentations about deforestation and the destruction the rainforest. We will be writing diaries and postcards from our adventures with David Attenborough as we travel around the rainforest area and create a report about South America to present to him.

During the first half term, we will be focusing on developing our knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages, preparing us for unravelling the complexities of fractions that the Summer term will bring. As we move into the second term we will also be investigating the cost of travelling from the UK to the Amazon with a strict budget and route planning for our trip. We might even get to book ourselves on a round the world flight, with a number of stop-offs, to visit the World's Rainforests; helping us to learn more about time, including the 24 hour clock and world time zones. Learning our times tables regularly in preparation for the weekly 'Cracking Times Tables' test continues to be hugely important and we ask that you use as many ways as possible to learn and progress through the programme. 

As readers we will be using fiction and non-fiction texts to research information to extend our learning about the life of the Rainforests with a focus on Katherine Rundell's new Release 'The Explorer' - recently shortlisted for the Costa Children's Book Award 2017.  

As writers we will be writing descriptions of settings and creatures (known as well as our own creations) that We will learn how to develop our descriptive writing using DADWAVERS.  We will use drama to imagine how it feels to be characters in a Greek Myth leading to writing our own myth to share as part of a class book. We will write an explanation of ancient Greek Olympics and a chronological report of the siege of Troy.

To find out more about our theme, click on the PDF link below. 

In our RE this term, we will  be looking at Words of Wisdom through Christian, Sikh and Muslim wisdom to enable children to think for themselves about sources of guidance or wisdom in their own lives. This topic is reflective in nature and and uses 'experiential' methods for learning such as stilling, silence and breathing techniques.

As a reminder, our PE Days are on a Tuesday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor) afternoon although we do ask that the children have their PE kit in school every day in the event of any changes.  

As always, there will be lots of other exciting enrichment opportunities this term for your child and as always we greatly appreciate your help and support. If you have any special skill you would like to share or would just like to come in and give a helping hand you are always welcome!

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