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Tolethorpe (Yr 5)

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Tolethorpe (Yr 5)


We are lucky enough to have two teachers in Tolethorpe Class. Mrs Jesson teaches us from Monday to Wednesday and then Mrs Loader takes over for Thursday and Friday. We also have the help and support of Mrs Chapman from Monday to Thursday and Mrs Fenn on a Friday. 

During Term 5 and 6, Tolethorpe Class will be sending themselves back in time and immersing themselves into the theme SAXONS, SETTLERS and SCOTS. We will eventually aim to open a museum to showcase our learning and invite you all to join us and meet the Tolethorpe museum curators and have a guided tour.

As mathematicians we will continue to follow the curriculum for year 4 and 5. We will begin by looking at special numbers, for example multiples and  factors and even prime numbers.  We will be continuing to consolidate both mental and formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and continue to apply all the  methods to solve one and more difficult two step word problems to develop and encourage reasoning skills.  We will link our maths learning to the theme by looking at Anglo Saxon numbers.

In English we will be using books and internet web sites to find out as much as we can about the Anglo Saxons. We will use the story of Beowulf and write our own Anglo Saxon myth focusing on developing and describing the characters and settings in the myth. We will write formal letters to apply for a position of Anglo Saxon soldier and develop the skill of writing instructions. We will also create non chronological reports about our historical theme.   As  speakers we will perform poetry. We will also work as a  Key Stage to perform the end of year play.

In Science we will find out how sounds travel. We will investigate how vibrations change with the loudness of the sound and how sound travels through a medium into the ear.  We will also plan fair tests to investigate absorbing sounds and the best materials to insulate sounds.  We will create a musical instrument and find out how the pitch of instruments change.  We will also look at living things and their habitats. The children will look at the life cycle of plants, some animals, birds, insects and amphibians. Investigate the similarities and differences of life cycles. We will discover how plants reproduce. We will also look at the work of a famous scientist.

In History we will develop our chronological knowledge by creating timelines. We will describe key historical characters of the time of the invasions and investigate the Anglo Saxon kingdoms that were created.  We will find out about who the Scots were and how they played their part. We will explain how life in Britain changed as a result of the Anglo-Saxon invasions.  We will use historical evidence and artefacts to find out about Anglo Saxon life and culture and find out about jobs people did in a Saxon village.

In Geography we will focus on improving our mapping skills. We will learn about where Anglo Saxons came from when they invaded Britain and names and locations of the kingdoms they created. We will also look at settlements and the important decisions made by the Anglo Saxon when they choose where to create their village.

In Religious Education we will focus on developing an understanding of how Bar/Bat Mitzvah affects the life of a Jewish child. This will be linked to the children’s own milestone experiences and those of the Christian church such as Baptism and Confirmation.

In Computing we will use ICT to research information about aspects of the Anglo Saxons and then use ICT to present the written work. We will create and edit a short video using our findings and use ICT to help perform Kennings.

In Art we will create Anglo Saxon jewellery and design and make an Anglo-Saxon shield. After finding out about Anglo Saxon Gods we will also create paintings of gods and goddesses. We will write in runes and create illuminated letters.

Finally a quick note to say that PE is now on a Tuesday afternoon.  The children will need shorts and  and a t-shirt, together with a sun hat/cap for those sunnier afternoons.

Once again this term there will be many exciting learning opportunities for your children and as always we greatly appreciate your help and support.

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