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Tolethorpe (Yr 5)


Tolethorpe Class is taught by our newest recruit - the wonderful Mrs Wilkinson who has joined us in August 2017.  The class is well supported by Mrs Chapman who is with the class from Monday to Thursday.  

“My name is Kerry Wilkinson and I am very excited to be teaching Year 5 this year at Ryhall Academy as a new member of staff. I have moved across from Easton Garford School and have been teaching key stage 2 for over 22 years. I have a strong interest in Maths, developing a growth mindset and positive psychology and love working with children and their unique outlook on life. I work hard on making my lessons fun for all as well as ensuring they are challenging. I am mother of 3 who are all teenagers. I have a campervan and enjoy taking it away at all times of the year. I love the seaside, whatever the weather, and can often be found in Norfolk on my days off. I am approachable and understanding, so feel free to stop me after school to say 'hello'. I look forward to seeing many of you over this next year.''

Our first theme for this year is 'Argonauts, Monsters and Minotaurs', where we will study the Ancient Greeks, their way of living achievements and influences on the world as we know it today. We will open our museum at the end of Term 2 when parents, family members and friends can attend by invitation. All visitors will receive guided museum tours by our Tolethorpe curators - we look forward to welcoming you. 

As readers we will be using fiction and non-fiction texts to research information to extend our learning about the life of the Ancient Greeks and Greek Gods. We will be reading numerous Greeks myths, finding out what elements are required to make a myth and exploring the characters and settings within myths.

As writers we will be writing descriptions of settings and mythical creatures that can be included in myths. We will learn how to write character descriptions, listen to many Greeks myths and then .  We will use drama to imagine how it feels to be characters in a Greek Myth leading to writing our own myth to share as part of a class book. We will write an explanation of ancient Greek Olympics and a chronological report of the siege of Troy.

As communicators we will perform poems. We will speak clearly and confidently to present our learning to the school. We will write and perform our own plays, looking for inspiration from the ancient Greek tragedies and comedies and stories of the Gods.

To find out more about our theme, click on the PDF link below. 

As mathematicians we will be following the National Curriculum for Year 5. We will be revisiting and consolidating both mental and formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We will build on our times tables knowledge applying it to multiples of 10 as well as decimal numbers. We will develop our calculation skills using different measures, including money in pence and pounds. We will use these skills and develop our problem solving for one  and two step problems.  We will continue to develop our understanding of fractions and equivalents. We will use our measuring skills to calculate length and perimeter and use this knowledge to solve problems and answer real life questions. We will also deepen our understanding of 2D and 3D shapes using generalisations and reasoning. Learning our times tables regularly in preparation for the weekly 'Cracking Times Tables' test is going to be hugely important and we ask that you use as many ways as possible to learn and progress through the programme. 

In our RE this term, we will  be looking at Sikhism today, the traditions and stories of Sikhism and what is important to Sikhs in Britain today. We will look at how the beliefs of Sikhs in Britain help people all over the country.

Our PE Days are on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon although we do ask that the children have their PE kit in school every day in the event of any changes.  

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