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Rockingham (Yr 2)

Welcome to Rockingham Class

In Rockingham class we have 29 wonderful year 2 children. The class is taught by Mrs Ross and Mrs Johnson and we are lucky enough to be supported by Mrs Want.

We had a brilliant first term learning all about London and have now started a new theme!


This term our theme is ‘Toys and Games’.


In English we will enjoy reading ‘Traction Man’ stories by Mini Grey. We will improve our describing skills and write character descriptions of good and bad characters. We will also plan and write different missions for Traction Man and develop the skill of writing instructions to play different games.


In Maths we will develop our knowledge of the number system, improving our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills and apply them to help Traction Man solve different problems. We will also learn about weight and capacity, practise our money skills and learn about fractions.


We will continue to investigate materials in science and use our knowledge to help Traction Man on many missions. We will also find out about toys from the past and compare them to toys we play with today. As Geographers we will find out about toys and games from other cultures too. In PE we will play many games to develop our agility, balance and coordination.


In RE we will be learning about the Hindu celebration of Raksha Bhandan. We will be making traditional Hindu sweets and develop an understanding of the story behind the celebration. We will also build on our existing knowledge of the Nativity story and begin to dig deeper into Christian traditions and symbolism in the story.


As well as all of this, we will also be putting a Christmas Play together. Wow what a busy term!!!


If you want to find out more about what we shall be up to this term check out our Toys and Games mind map!




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