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Hambleton (Yr 6) 

Welcome to Hambleton Class

Welcome back to a new year in Hambleton Class where Hambleton’s learning will be led by Mrs Hicks who is ably assisted by our wonderful TA, Mrs Fenn (and Mrs Chapman and Miss Cummings on a Wednesday).

This first term we have joined Johnny, a heroic World War One soldier, who will lead us on our learning about ‘REMEMBER THEM’. Our focus will be on World War One: how and why it began, what happened and its effects on those who were not only fighting but who remained at home, both adult and child.

As creative writers we will be writing newspaper recounts about the various battles that took place, diaries from the perspective of the allied and enemy soldier and the families awaiting the return of their loved ones and reading and writing poetry from the time. We will also be improving our creative writing by creating our own story with a dilemma and carrying out research to help us be more informed about the various people involved during WW1.

As mathematicians we are going to ‘crack’ our times tables with our weekly challenge. As well as measuring accurately when we make nets for our Christmas decorations, we will look at calculating the area and perimeter of trenches and plotting coordinates for our routes across Europe.

In Science our work will include learning about the human body including blood, the heart and circulation and nutrients, diet and exercise. After the half term break the children will become electricians and take part in an electrical festive challenge to design a light decoration. They will have the opportunity to plan, fair test and explore their own investigations to help them design and create a festive decoration to try and impress the Chief of the Dragon’s Den!

In RE we will focus on stories about Jesus in the Gospels and how Christians interpret them. We will make connections between the Gospel texts, Jesus’ ‘good news’ and how Christians live in their community and in their lives. We will relate biblical teachings, ideas and beliefs to the issues, problems and opportunities of the children’s’ own lives and the life of their own community in the world today, offering insights of their own. After the half term break the children will focus on what it is like to be a Sikh in Britain today. They will explore some of the ways in which Sikhs express their faith and how their beliefs impact on a Sikh’s way of life. The children will be expected to think for themselves about questions to do with community, values and commitment and will be encouraged to consider what can be learned from Sikh beliefs and practices and from concepts such as equality, authority and sharing, whilst referring to their own experiences, beliefs and values and the points of connection or difference between them.

Finally a quick reminder that PE is on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and that they will be outside on both afternoons, weather permitting, so warm tracksuits will become necessary as the term heads towards winter time.

There will be lots of other exciting learning opportunities this term for your children and as always we greatly appreciate your help and support. If you have any special skill you would like to share or would just like to come in and give a helping hand you are always welcome!

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