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Hambleton (Yr 6) 

Welcome to Hambleton Class

Welcome back to a new year in Hambleton Class where Hambleton’s learning will be led by Mrs Hicks who is ably assisted by our wonderful TA, Mrs Fenn (and Mrs Chapman on a Tuesday afternoon).

In this second half of the Autumn Term, our overall theme remains the same: ‘BLOOD, GUTS AND GORE’, although we are now embarking on a magical mystery tour to the land of the Maya.

As intrepid writers our writing will be inspired by our adventures with the Maya people. We will write recounts of our time spent with the Maya people, write instructions and explanations on the technology the Maya were inspired by, write non-chronological and journalistic reports about the sights and sounds experienced during Maya celebrations and rituals, as well as different forms of poetry. We will also look at how this amazing civilization created writing and use our amateur dramatic skills to create role play friezes of the Spanish invasion of the Americas and replicate Maya trading posts.

As mathematicians we will continue acquiring and refining our mathematical skills to help us solve tricky reasoning questions. But will also be discovering how the temperatures differ around the world with our work on thermometers and negative numbers. We will investigate the fascinating maths and calendar systems of the Maya; learning about their number system and comparing it to our own. We will use our area and perimeter skills to design our own Mayan buildings for a class city.

During our journey with the Magical Maya the children will learn who the Maya people are, where they are in the world and what they got up to on a daily basis. Along the way they will develop their creative skills by creating animations to replicate Maya ceremonies and celebrations, discover how the Maya traded, study the buildings of this early civilization and design and make a Maya city. They will also explore the importance of music to the Maya and discover foods traded, farmed and eaten by this community.

In Science the children will become electricians and take part in an electrical festive challenge to design a light decoration. They will have the opportunity to plan, fair test and explore their own investigations to help them design and create a festive decoration to try and impress the Chief of the Maya Dragon’s Den!

In RE we will continue to focus on Stories of Faith and why the ancient stories of the Bible are still so significant for Christian communities today. The children will hear some great stories and be given the opportunity to explore and reflect on the deeper meanings contained within them. This will enable them to creatively explore the ways these stories speak today about relationships, safety and danger, vulnerability and beliefs about the ‘hand of God’ in human life. The stories chosen will act as a platform for exploring the children’s beliefs and will create opportunities for questions and fresh insights for the children. We will also look at how our beliefs differ to those of the Maya.

Finally a quick reminder that PE is on a Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon and that they will be outside for both sessions, weather permitting, so warm tracksuits will become necessary as the term heads towards winter time.

There will be lots of other exciting learning opportunities this term for your children and as always we greatly appreciate your help and support. If you have any special skill you would like to share or would just like to come in and give a helping hand you are always welcome!

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